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The complete fighter era: Is Brazil leading the way?

After this weekends UFC event in Brazil, the display of pure MMA talent that came from the hometown natives was devastating. Personally I like to think of the Brazilians as blood thirsty scrappers who fight to the finish. There wasn’t really a decision from what I viewed. Finish after finish after finish all of which to a high level. At one time strong wrestlers used to dominate the sport as they dictated where the fight went, there still is that type of fighter but a lot of the Brazilians have a high level BJJ game which seems to be the much-needed kryptonite to answer the wrestling. Assuncao demonstrated an armbar from mount which is rarely seen, Erik Silva with a triangle/arm lock from back mount. Thiago Silva with an all round striking game and Ciaoa Malagalhaes enduring a battering off Vemola to secure an exhausted 2nd round submission. The list goes on…..

The all round fighter is an era we are fast approaching, it’s started recently and grows impressively with fighters who don’t particularly have a single discipline but have an ability for all. Rory Macdonald, Jon Jones are standouts but the Brazilians this week were sublime and scary. They possess all the tools but have stupidly good BJJ games. In the past you may have seen Royce Gracie who was a master on the floor but his striking was pants. Standout wrestlers who could only win when they’re on top. These new fighters win anywhere, anytime. The best part of it is that it makes for much better fights. Che Mills and Matt Riddle both got cut after they lay on each other (Riddle won but got cut for a failed drug test, however he was still boring) and produced a boring decision. A prime contrast to this weekend when the fighters brought it like their life was on the line. A truly impressive show, hunger, technique, pace, brutality, skill – all on show and all what encapsulate the attraction of MMA.

Brazil seem to have the highest volume of these fighters by watching events, others are trickling through but give it 5-10 years and the face of MMA will have changed and the quality will have risen, we will look back to now and realise this is when it all changed, this sport will evolve, eternally,

It’s been emotional.

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