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Chicken Heart Conor McGregor Got What He Deserved – Rafael Dos Anjos

When Conor McGregor and Rafael dos Anjos came together at the opening press conference ahead of their soon to be aborted March 5th showdown, the Irishman rattled his Brazilian counterpart with some epic lines.

Probably the most memorable, however, came in reference to an earlier interview, in which McGregor told TMZ that he could “whoop” Jesus inside the octagon.

A fan had directed a question about the quote at Dos Anjos but once the lightweight champion had his say, McGregor leaned into the mic and delivered this cracker.

“Me and Jesus are cool,” said McGregor. “I’m cool with all the gods. Because gods recognise gods”.

RDA hasn’t forgotten that moment.

The original UFC 196 main event fell through
The original UFC 196 main event fell through

When he appeared as a guest on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani to speak about McGregor’s shock defeat to his replacement for UFC 196, Nate Diaz, the Kings MMA product alluded to that remark.

“Everybody gets what they deserve,” said Dos Anjos. “And Conor got what he deserved. God made everything perfect. Conor claimed to be god, and god made everything perfect”.

Despite the loss, there were some people who had speculated that Conor might still be granted a lightweight title shot, due in part to the the fact that the Diaz bout took place at welterweight. RDA doesn’t see things that way, however.

“He doesn’t deserve a fight for 155lbs[title]. He just got submitted by the number-5 ranked fighter on 10 days notice. A lot of people say, ‘ah, Conor went up two weight divisions.’ No. Nate Diaz, he’s a 155-pound fighter. He’s 155. He’s a lightweight. And he is saying that, ‘I went up two weight divisions.’ No, he did not fight Robbie Lawler. He did not fight Johny Hendricks”.

The 155lb king also questioned the Dubliner’s heart in the aftermath of what transpired on Saturday night, and with a bizarre blend of animal metaphors intimated that he believes McGregor to be a bully.

“When he is punching somebody he is a lion but when people punch him he becomes a cat. He has a chicken heart”.

According to Dos Anjos, the defeat at the hands of Stockton’s finest is only the beginning of the UFC superstar’s woes. Speaking about the SBG fighter’s likely return to featherweight, RDA forecast further defeats.

“It’s a different level. It’s just a different level. Frankie[Edgar] would kill him. It’s a different level. It’s a different level, you know. I think against Aldo, he got lucky. He caught Aldo with a punch. But other than that, who has he fought? He fought Chad Mendes with 10 days notice and Chad Mendes gassed out, but he gave him a hard time. It’s all talk, man. It’s all hype”.

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