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Chad Mendes Talks About Those Infamous Conor McGregor Body Kicks From UFC 189

Chad Mendes was a guest on the Anik and Florian Podcast this past Monday, and the former UFC featherweight title contender was asked about the impact of those infamous Conor McGregor body kicks at UFC 189.

Unsurprisingly, Mendes claimed that “The Notorious” has been greatly exaggerating the role that his body attack played in the story of their July 11th bout. Instead, Mendes once again went back to his tried and trusted excuse – the brevity of the notice he received for the fight.

“Conor was talking about that[the body shots] on the show and stuff. There wasn’t one thing that he landed on my body that hurt me at all. If anything, he was using his legs to keep me at distance because that’s where he wants to be, but there was nothing that hurt me or slowed me down body wise. You know I got in the first scramble and I was feeling it, as I said two weeks notice is not enough to get into top level athlete shape. So I was pushing through. I was trying to get through any type of pain, keep loose and stay as light on my feet as possible. It was just tough, but there was definitely nothing that ever hurt me to the body at all”.

It is hard to believe Chad’s assertions when you hear the the sickening sounds that emanate from the point of impact between Conor’s shin and his body in the clip from Conor McGregor On the Brink below.

Chad also spoke about how he wanted a rematch with Conor, and stated that it was about more than just the massive payday that a fight with the Dublin native can provide.

“I’ll fight Conor again on a full camp without any extra money. If you give me my fight-contract money, I’m going to get in there and fight that guy. I’m not expecting anything more. This is a fight that I want to prove to myself and to the world that I can beat that guy. If that is a fight that I get in there and I don’t win, well then sh*t that’s just how it goes. But at least I could put a full training camp into it and know how the outcome is going to be”

Mendes felt it necessary to dispel another notion about the UFC 189 main event – Frankie Edgar’s claim on the previous edition of the same podcast that Mendes was looking for a way out against the Irishman.

 “I think that is super disrespectful. I mean there is no way I’m ever going into any fight looking for a pay-cheque, looking for a way out. I’m going in to win every single time”

Mendes fights Edgar at The Ultimate Fighter 22 Finale on December 11th, the night before Conor McGregor’s massive featherweight unification showdown with Jose Aldo, in Las Vegas.

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Author: The PA Team

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