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Chad Mendes Claims A Former Foe Would “Destroy” Conor McGregor

Chad Mendes continues to show a complete lack of respect for the skills of his most recent conqueror, Conor McGregor.

On Sunday, the California fighter was a guest on Submission Radio, and as usual he had plenty to say about his UFC 189 loss to the Irishman.

First, Mendes addressed those fans that believe he “took a dive” in return for a payoff. “Come on dude, this isn’t boxing in the 80’s”, said the Team Alpha Male star, adding “there is no amount of money in this world that is going to be able to pay me off. Especially against a guy like Conor McGregor”.

He also spoke out against those that have questioned his conditioning, even when he has a full camp behind him. “The only people that are questioning my conditioning are Conor McGregor nut-hangers and that’s just because he said that. Dude look at my fight with Aldo, who is one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world, I went 5 rounds with him and pushed the pace the entire time. When I’m properly prepared my cardio is never an issue”.

It was during this conversation that he also claimed that one of his former foes, a man who he soundly defeated, would trounce McGregor. “There was one other fight, with [Nik]Lentz, where I was sick and I fought through and still beat that guy, who in my opinion would destroy Conor”.

Lentz is currently ranked as the 10th best featherweight in the world, although his campaign at 145lbs seems to be over as his next fight is scheduled for lightweight. Known as “The Carny”, the Minnesota all-rounder is a UFC veteran with 15 fights under his belt since joining the promotion in 2009.

However, Lentz has lost 2 of his last 3, including the Mendes defeat.

It isn’t the first time that Mendes has picked Lentz to win a hypothetical match-up with McGregor. On an episode of Stud Show Radio a few months back, Mendes vouched for Lentz, also picking Clay Guida and Ricardo Lamas to beat Conor.

“Anybody who has the cardio and the ability to take him down wins that fight”, claimed Chad.

It looks like Conor is going to have to put together an unparalleled run to silence Mendes, who seems to be his most stubborn critic.

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Author: The PA Team

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