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Cathal Pendred Looks Like “Deflated Balloon Flopping Around” – Top UFC Contender

Top welterweight contender Tyron Woodley had some very unflattering things to say about Ireland’s Cathal Pendred recently.

Conor McGregor’s Straight Blast Gym teammate, Cathal Pendred, is 4-1 in the UFC so far, and 17-3 as a professional overall. There is no debating that those are pretty solid numbers. Yet, the respect of his peers, as well as the fans of his sport, still eludes the Dublin fighter.

Actually, that is putting it mildly.

It’s not just that Pendred doesn’t get respect, it is that he is actively disrespected. Ridiculed, even.


Earlier today we ran a story about SBG’s resident Sports Psychologist David Mullins. After this David should be expecting regular tear drenched visits from Cathal.

The man laying in the verbal ground and pound on poor old Pendred is top welterweight contender Tyron Woodley. The gent who posed the initial derogatory question is also a UFC contracted scrapper, the undefeated Elias Theodorou.

Pendred may have brought this particular bout of abuse on himself, as he chose to openly ridicule the stand-up skills of former WWE star, and future UFC combatant, CM Punk through social media.

Given that the dolphin loving Dub’s own stand-up has been the subject of many jokes, he would have been wiser to have let the opportunity to have a go at Punk slide.

Pendred certainly isn’t the most talented fighter, he would likely admit as much, he has been involved in some pretty boring fights, and has been the beneficiary of a couple of dodgy decisions. These are the main reasons why he comes in for such grief.

Still, despite his short comings in terms of talent Pendred has, through sheer will, found a way to compete at a very high level. How can you not admire him for that?

He may have been in some boring fights, but he was also involved in one very exciting and memorable one. His survival of the most torrid of opening rounds against Mike King at UFC Dublin, and his subsequent comeback to win in the second, was truly special. How can you not respect him for that?

And hey, what can he do about the dodgy decisions?

The biggest reason to admire Pendred, though, is that he takes all this in his stride and keeps grinding away.

Pundit Arena says good on ye Cathal!

Here is the man himself talking about how he deals with criticism.

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