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Booing Fans Are F**king Idiots Says UFC Champ

Among connoisseurs of the sport, and to his peers, Demetrious Johnson is one of the most respected fighters in MMA, but it seems the average fan is not enamoured with “Mighty Mouse”.

Last night Johnson beat John Dodson via five round unanimous decision for the second time, to hold on to his UFC flyweight championship belt. The champ was utterly dominant throughout, as he turned in a well rounded and technically superior display.

As the fight neared it’s conclusion, however, some fans in attendance let it be known that they were not impressed by the show Johnson had put on.

Boo’s echoed throughout the famed MGM Grand Garden Arena.

In the aftermath of the fight, Dana White labeled those responsible “drunk dummies”, according to sherdog.com. “I don’t know what they expect, but he looked unbelievable tonight”, said White.

The diminutive Demetrious also responded harshly to his vocal critics. Using far stronger language than the notoriously colourful UFC president, Johnson called the fans “f**king idiots!”

The frustration from both men is understandable. Johnson went out and did an amazing job. He proved himself to be one of the, if not the, best pound for pound fighters in the sport. Yet, his efforts were met with displeasure.

It seems that the fans in the arena are the least of Johnson and the UFC’s worries, though. At least they paid to come out, because a whole host of others didn’t.

Given these numbers, perhaps it would be smarter of Johnson and White not to slate the fans that were willing to cough up their hard earned dosh. After all handing over that money entitles them to an opinion on the matter.

The fighter and his boss are just going to have to accept the fact that the average fan would much rather watch the sort of action that bantamweights John Lineker and Francisco Rivera delivered earlier in the evening, rather than the sort of refined craftsmanship that rarely lends itself to drama.

More importantly they are going to have come to terms with the unfortunate reality that those fans are the ones who have the greatest impact on their bank accounts.

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