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Bisping Slates GSP In Profanity-Laden Rant Following His Decision To Vacate Title

Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping has labelled GSP a ‘pr*ck’ following his ‘bitch move’ to vacate the middleweight title.

Georges St-Pierre just last month took the UFC 185-pound title from Michael Bisping’s grasp as he defeated the Englishman in New York at UFC 217.

Since then Bisping somewhat staggeringly decided to fight again at UFC Shanghai, where he was devastatingly KO’d by Kelvin Gastelum; a decision slated by many.

Also in that time the Canadian decided that due to medical issues it was best for St-Pierre to vacate the title.

GSP, a natural welterweight and considered by large sections of MMA fans as one of the greatest of all time, is now expected to return to the 170-pound division.

This decision, however, has not gone down well with the former title-holder.

Speaking on his podcast, Believe You Me, Bisping had some harsh words for his recent opponent.

“He’s a prick, He’s a prick, god bless him,” the 38-year-old said. 

“In one respect, it’s good for me because – as an MMA fighter, as a boxer, whatever it is – if somebody beats you, you never want them to lose again because if they get beat, then the person that beat them, it has a negative impact on you. Like, ‘Oh, they could have beaten me as well.’

“So he’s never going to fight at 185 again, that’s good. I’m the only person at 185 he ever beat, nobody at 185 is ever gonna beat him. So cheers Georges, thanks for that.

“But at the same time, it looks like a bit of a bitch move, you know what I mean? So there’s pluses and negatives.”

While it has been clear in recent times that Bisping does in fact hold GSP in quite a high regard, this interview demonstrates a frustration we haven’t seen until now.

From GSP’s point of view, a number of options are now available to the Tristar Gym fighter.

Most expect that upon his return St-Pierre will challenge current welterweight king Tyron Woodley, however the 35-year-old is himself is also sidelined due to a recent shoulder injury.

There are also those rumours of course that St-Pierre will take on Conor McGregor. Whether this fight would take place at 155 or 170 remains to be seen, or at all for that matter.

One similarity between the duo is certain, however: plenty of options are available should either men wish to avail of them.

You can listen to Bisping’s rant in full below.

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Author: The PA Team

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