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Big John McCarthy Explains That Crushing Knee To Jose Aldo’s Face At UFC 194

Big John McCarthy took part in a Q&A with UFC fans on Twitter yesterday and he had some interesting things to say about what went down during the main event.

After a left hook from Conor McGregor sent Jose Aldo into a state of unconsciousness just 13 seconds into the main event of UFC 194, referee John McCarthy had to react quickly in order to stop the Irishman from raining hammer fists down on the unconscious Aldo.

UFC 194: Aldo vs. McGregor

However, in his enthusiasm to drive Conor away from the downed Brazilian, Big John seemingly forgot to take note of his own massive physique as he appeared to land a crushing knee on Jose Aldo’s face as he pushed the Notorious Irishman away.

UFC 194: Aldo vs. McGregor

Although the knee wasn’t clear in real time, one slow motion angle clearly showed the referee’s knee making contact with Aldo’s face as he lay unconscious in the Octagon.

Although the knee seemed to make pretty clean contact, McCarthy said on his Q&A session that he didn’t feel anything and if it did make contact, it wasn’t severe.

McCarthy went on to answer a whole range of questions relating to the main event and you can check out some of his most interesting answers in the collection of tweets below.


On whether or not heard McGregor’s knock out punch landing:

On whether or not he thought the fight would be over so quickly:

On what he thinks of Irish fans:

On whether he stopped the fight too soon:

On what Conor said to Aldo just before the victory announcement:

On what would have happened had Aldo’s punch simultaneously knocked out McGregor:

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