Gustafsson Thinks Jones Was Taking PEDs At Time Of Their UFC 165 Bout

UFC light-heavyweight contender Alexander Gustafsson provided Jon Jones with possibly his toughest fight of all time at UFC 165 in 2013, and the Swede has expressed his belief that Jones was using PEDs at the time of his victory.

Gustafsson, who was speaking to Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour, is himself coming off a recent victory over Glover Texiera in Sweeden last month. The light-heavyweight believes that this was up there with his best performances.

The talking point that is likely to generate most discussion, however, is Gustafsson’s belief that former pound-for-pound number one Jones has taken PEDs in the past.

Back in September 2013, Gustafsson took on Jon Jones for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship. After the fight many fans were of a strong belief that the Arboga native should have been awarded the decision victory. It wasn’t to be, however, and Jones remained champion.

Recently the duo have developed some bad blood, with the pair having exchanged verbals through the media over the last couple of weeks.

Gustafsson told Helwani that he believes Jones had been using PEDs prior to the fight.

“I believe so, I believe so, I think he’s been doing a lot of stuff that he shouldn’t be doing. It’s tragic to say, but I believe he’s been doing sh*t he shouldn’t for a long time.”

The 30-year-old also expressed his disappointment in Jones’ poor example when it came to his UFC 214 press conference. His disappointment stemming from the 29-year-old’s reference to drug use.

Gustafsson felt Jones should be setting a better example to young children watching the press conference, who most likely look up to him.

“I don’t like how he’s talking on the stage, doing the cocaine thing, with so many young people, kids and everything, looking up to him. I just feel like, man, come on. I don’t support that stuff at all. So I just told the media what I think of him.”

Fans of the sport would be keen to see the duo take to the octagon once more should Jones reclaim his belt. With their recent media exchanges, this rematch appears to be a more likely option.

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