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Watch New Mayweather – McGregor All Access: ‘Not Only Will I Beat Him, I Will Make It Look Easy

The latest episode of Showtime’s All Access: Mayweather vs. McGregor aired on Friday night and you can check it out below…

Though he and Floyd Mayweather Jr. are preparing to face off under the limiting boxing ruleset, it’s obvious that Conor McGregor feels his superiority as a pure fighter is still a factor in the bout, one way or another.

The Irishman has made it clear on multiple occasions throughout the build-up that he could easily render Mayweather unconscious with a choke on fight night if he so chooses. Of course, such a move would have serious ramifications and could badly dent the massive purse that he is due to receive for the contest, so it’s unlikely to happen.

Some have speculated, however, that the mere threat could have a psychological impact on Mayweather.

In a recent interview with Off the Ball, McGregor’s friend Paddy Holohan compared the situation to somebody playing with a trained lion.

“That’s where fear comes in – real fear- like two humans. Not 49-0, not money, not anything. [Mayweather] looking at [McGregor] saying, ‘Well if he really wanted to, he could kill me.’ If you are playing with a lion, there is that little feeling in you where…The guy goes, ‘He’s trained, it’s okay, he won’t bite you.’ What would you feel like? He is trained, but he still might fucking bite me,” said the former UFC flyweight.

While we don’t yet know what impact this has had on Mayweather, the nature of it’s impact on McGregor’s mindset is clear. The UFC lightweight champion isn’t going to be in awe or in fear of Mayweather on August 26th, like many of Floyd’s other opponents have been, because he knows who the best pure¬†fighter really is.

“If you look at all of Floyd’s past opponents, they have all feared him, they have all given him respect. Me, I can strangle him inside five seconds. And that’s no joke,” said ‘The Notorious’ one on the third episode of All Access: Mayweather vs. McGregor.

“I could snap him down, latch up his neck and sleep him in seconds. So, I don’t give a fuck about him, I don’t hold respect for him, I will not show him respect in the fight. I don’t think he lasts four rounds, that’s being honest. Not only do I think I will beat him, I think I will also make it look easy.”

Check out the full episode below…

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