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Most Absurd Rumour Yet Regarding Conor McGregor’s Big Announcement Has Just Been Given Some Substance

With the world anxiously awaiting Conor McGregor’s big announcement at UFC 205, an absurd rumour swept the internet on Wednesday afternoon. 

After Dana White first announced that Conor McGregor would be making a ‘left field’ announcement after the UFC’s first New York event, the MMA world went into a frenzy trying to predict what the Irishman has coming.

Initially, the three most popular rumours suggested that McGregor was going to announce a career break, retire or announce some form of super fight. However, speaking on the UFC 205 media call last week, the 28-year-old completely ruled out the first two options.

I don’t know whether you can take time off with this life. I just stay working, stay creating history. Ya know, stay changing the game. That’s what I’ve been doing since day one…

Of course I love what I do and not only am I not getting tired of it, I’m actually getting better at it…

Look, just sit tight. Just sit tight. Nobody knows. In reality, nobody knows.

With talk of the ‘Notorious’ Irishman taking a break from the fighting game shut down, speculation has once again turned to a potential superfight being announced. Speaking about McGregor’s options post UFC 205, coach John Kavanagh recently suggested that the Floyd Mayweather fight still had some potential.

“There are so many options for Conor right now,” Kavanagh said. “The [Floyd] Mayweather fight is still kind of hanging in there.”

Although Kavanagh’s words were far from assuring, they were enough to get the Mayweather vs McGregor ball rolling to the extent that one highly unreliable website spouted out an absolutely absurd rumour.

According to smackhisface.com, the undefeated boxer will be in attendance at Madison Square Garden on Saturday and, should McGregor defeat Alvarez, Mayweather will enter the octagon and publicly challenge the Irish champion to a boxing match.

Floyd says “The world will be turned upside down on Saturday night”. We weren’t able to get anymore information out of Floyd Mayweather himself but a member from the money team tells us that the boxer is headed to New York City and will be front row for UFC 205 for the Conor McGregor vs. Eddie Alvarez title fight.

Apparently Floyd Mayweather has worked out a deal with Dana White, Conor McGregor and the new owners and will step into the cage if Conor wins Saturday night and challenged Conor to a Boxing match.

Although we initially scoffed at the nonsense here at Pundit HQ, one tweet has some of us, just a small bit giddy. According to MMA reporter David Kano, Floyd Mayweather will in fact be in attendance at UFC 205.

Although this is a long way from confirmation that he will actually challenge McGregor to a boxing bout, it does go some way to suggesting that the Irishman’s ‘left field’ announcement may in fact have something to do with the undefeated boxer.

Watch this space…

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