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John Kavanagh Speaks About Conor McGregor’s Reaction To Rafael Dos Anjos Injury Drama

The initial impact of the news that Rafael dos Anjos had withdrawn from UFC 196 must have caused a few manic, anger-filled moments in the Conor McGregor camp.

UFC president Dana White’s interview with Yahoo! Sports on Tuesday evening seemed to back up that assumption. “When we told Conor, he said, ‘Come on! This [expletive] guy! Oh my God! He’s pulling out?'” said White.

That, however, has been the only glimpse of frustration or despair to emerge from inside the SBG base. Other than that, the team is exuding calm, confidence and focus.

McGregor himself made quite a few posts to social media on Wednesday, most of which contained clips of him training. There wasn’t even the slightest hint that the drama of the previous day had disrupted normal proceedings, and McGregor appeared intensely focused on the job at hand.

His coach, John Kavanagh, also provided some insight in an article that he wrote for the42.

The SBG head man reiterated Dana White’s previous claims that McGregor had agreed without hesitation to fight any of the replacement candidates that the promotion laid out for him.

The trainer quoted McGregor as saying, “It doesn’t matter, they’re all the same”.

It was a phrase that echoed the sentiments attributed to him back in July when he found out that Chad Mendes would be his UFC 189 opponent instead of Jose Aldo.

Kavanagh also lauded his fighter’s defiance in the face of what most would label as considerable adversity.

“In a time when so many fighters are unwilling to compete due to a wide variety of little issues — not enough notice, minor injuries etc. — Conor’s mindset is unique,” said Kavanagh. “He could have walked away from this without consequences but that never came into consideration”.

“In order to widen the search for an opponent, he committed to fight as high as 170lbs and that was it. That’s two weight classes up from his last fight, which only happened a couple of months ago. It’s a mindset that hasn’t been seen before and I doubt we’ll see it again”.

To credit Kavanagh, it is a mindset that has been fostered by the prevailing philosophy at his Naas Road, Dublin gym, one that he has often touted and that he feels will benefit his fighter greatly once again on March 5th.

“I’m sure people have heard me saying this before, but we’ve never focused too heavily on opponents at Straight Blast Gym and this situation is yet another justification of that philosophy”.

“You must be ready for every type of opponent”.

Author: The PA Team

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