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Watch: Conor McGregor On What He Said To Floyd Mayweather Post-Fight

Conor McGregor feels that composure, accrued from decades of experience, rather than skill, power or speed, was the difference between he and Floyd Mayweather Jr. in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

The 29-year-old UFC champ started well against the vastly experienced and seasoned Mayweather, despite the fact that he was making his professional boxing debut, but he was eventually figured out by the ring savvy defensive supremo.

After three rounds or so of giving Mayweather trouble with his unorthodox movements, McGregor became tired and easier to hit. Mayweather began to push him back and tag him with increasing regularity, finally putting the Irishman away with a brutal bombardment of punches in the tenth round.

“I don’t think I lost a fight, I thought I lost a match,” McGregor said in a backstage interview with Fox Sports. “I thought his composure was very impressive, I didn’t think his speed or his power was.”

“I thought Floyd was very composed – that’s basically it. It was just he had composure, I don’t think he had the speed advantage, I just thought he was composed and he picked his shots right and he bounced my shots off him right – that’s what experience will get you, that’s what 50 pro fights will get you.”

“I threw an uppercut [in the early rounds] and it just hit him here [pointing to the chest] and then hit him here [pointing to the chin] but if it had been a millisecond earlier it would have just hit him there [pointing to the chin] and it would have been all she wrote. But I’ll tell you what, he took the smacks well and he stayed composed. I could see a little bit of panic in his face early on but he absorbed them and he stayed in it, so fair play to him.”

After the fight, McGregor approached Mayweather to offer him some words of respect but also to remind him that under different circumstances – namely under MMA rules – this would have been a very different contest.

“I just said, ‘Fair play to you, I thought I had you in the early rounds but your composure shone through. You’re a composed man and you got the win, I have nothing put respect,'” said the still-reigning UFC lightweight champion. “And then I was like, ‘But, when I got your back those times, it would have been over there and then.'” 

“I enjoyed it though. I enjoyed it very much.”

You can watch the entire interview below…

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