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Watch: David Haye’s Impassioned Speech About How Much Floyd Mayweather Is Risking

With Sky Sports set to air the Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather fight on Box Office this weekend, David Haye has joined up with the Sky team to give his take on the super-fight.

Although David Haye believes that Floyd Mayweather will come out on top next weekend, the 36-year-old also stressed just how much the undefeated boxer will be putting on the line on August 26th.

For most, Conor McGregor is the one taking the bigger risk given the fact that he could well be embarrassed against an opponent of Mayweather’s talent. However, for Haye, Mayweather is risking his reputation and his life’s work in the T-Mobile Arena.

‘[He’s risking] Everything. He could completely and utterly undo his amazing legacy that he’s built from since he was a young child.

If he gets beat by a guy who’s not even a boxer, for all those haters that he’s had over the years – and he’s had plenty of them – they can say, ‘I told you he was no good. He got beat by a mixed martial artist.’

So, he’s risking his life’s work. All that money, all those hundreds of millions won’t mean anything if he doesn’t have the respect of the masses.’

Check out David Haye’s impassioned speech about how much Floyd Mayweather is putting on the line vs Conor McGregor below;

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