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Watch: Dana White Has Absolutely No Interest In A McGregor Vs Diaz Trilogy

Dana White is having absolutely none of a potential McGregor/Diaz trilogy and seems certain that the Irishman will take on Tony Ferguson when he finally returns to the UFC.

It has now been close to a year since Conor McGregor last stepped foot inside the Octagon and the UFC’s lightweight division is becoming increasingly impatient regarding the Irishman’s comeback.

The SBG star took a career break after UFC 205 last November as he awaited the birth of his first son and, when he finally set his sights on a return to fighting, he was entirely focused on taking on Floyd Mayweather in a bout that had no relevance in the world of MMA.

However, with the ‘money fight’ now out of the way, fans are eagerly awaiting news of the Irishman’s MMA comeback and, speaking about that very subject, Dana White was absolutely emphatic that there was only one man in contention, and it certainly isn’t Nate Diaz.

‘No [It won’t be Nate Diaz]. Tony Ferguson. Tony Ferguson just won the interim title and Conor McGregor has the 155 lbs title so, that fight is the fight that makes sense. It’s the fight that has to happen.’

Not only that but, despite the fact that we are now just a week away from November, it seems like the UFC President still has his eye on December 30th and UFC 219 as he stated that he would like to see the Irishman returning before the end of the year.

Check out Dana White completely dismissing a McGregor/Diaz trilogy as ‘internet bullshit’ in the two clips below;

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