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Watch: Hilarious Rener Gracie Demonstrates Some ‘Drag Defences’ In Wake Of United Airlines Incident

Here at Pundit Arena we love us some Gracie Breakdown, with Rener and, sometimes, Ryron Gracie.

The series, which breaks down fights both in various combat sports arenas and in real life, can be really insightful and often educational.

However, it’s when the videos are downright silly that we love them the most.

In the past, we have turned your attention to footage of the Brazilian jiu-jitsu specialists analyzing a wrestling match between a rather idiotic, but ultimately very lucky, Chinese zoo visitor and a Panda. They also have a great breakdown of that now infamous viral video in which a random Aussie bloke stuns a cocky kangaroo with a right hand before regaining his senses and hightailing it.

In their latest offering, the Gracie boys break down yet another violent viral video.

Yesterday, footage emerged of a man being dragged from an overbooked United Airlines plane at Chicago’s O’Hare airport much to distress and disbelief of his fellow passengers. The footage has already been seen by millions, if not billions, of people and caused outrage around the world.

So, what could you do if you were in the same position as the unfortunate Dr. David Dao? Well, Rener provides an array of answers in the video below.

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Author: The PA Team

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