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Daniel Cormier Lets Loose On ‘Cheater’ Jon Jones

Thanks to the ‘Embedded’ cameras, we all got to witness that awful moment last July when UFC president Dana White informed Daniel Cormier that bitter rival Jon Jones had been pulled from their scheduled bout at UFC 200 only a couple of days in advance of showtime due to a failed drug test.

After weeks of intense training, Cormier’s chance to avenge a January 2015 defeat to Jones had been ripped from him in the cruelest of manners. The UFC light-heavyweight champion couldn’t hide his devastation.

Under the circumstances, it’s understandable that ‘D.C’ isn’t just willing to forgive and forget when it comes to Jones’ transgressions. Especially when one considers that Cormier doesn’t buy the former champion’s excuse that a tainted “dick pill”, as Jones so eloquently described it, was responsible for the failed test. Rather, Cormier believes that Jones was caught in a deliberate attempt to gain an unfair advantage over him.

Responding to his upcoming opponent Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson’s suggestion that the name Jon Jones will “always be around, regardless of what happened,” Cormier expressed his displeasure over people’s willingness to move past the events of last summer during an episode of ESPN’s 5ive Rounds podcast.

“You kind of expect it, but there’s only one problem with Anthony’s answer,” said the 38-year-old. “I think we’ve got to stop saying, ‘Regardless of what happened.’ We know what happened. We know exactly what he did. So when we say stuff like, ‘Regardless of what happened,’ or we don’t state the facts, it’s almost like we’re sweeping it under the rug. We know what he did. We know the bad things that he did. We know that he tried to cheat. We know all this stuff. So I get annoyed because I’m like, ‘Why are you asking me about a guy that, three days before we were supposed to fight, pissed hot?’ That’s the stuff that annoys me, not the fact that he’s a good fighter. He’s a great fighter(Transcription via MMAFighting).”

Tears flow down the face of Jon Jones at a presser in Las Vegas, held after the announcement of his failed drug test last July.

Cormier added that he doesn’t believe the United States Anti-Doping Agency(USADA), the body that runs the UFC’s drug-testing program, accept Jones’ version of events either. He pointed to the severity of the sanctions handed down to the Jackson-Wink fighter by USADA in order to support the suggestion.

“He got that year [suspension] from USADA, right? He got a year suspension and there’s this misconception that USADA believed his excuse. They did not believe his excuse,” he said. “They gave him the max amount of time that they could for what he did! The defense that he did didn’t prove anything. USADA gave him the max suspension that they could give him so, to me, he’s a cheater. They didn’t buy that whole – what was it, a fertility pill, or a sex pill? They didn’t buy it because if they bought the explanation, they would not have given him the max amount of time that they could have.”

“You cheated. You also smashed into somebody’s car and ran away. I know what you did. If everybody else wants to ignore it, they can. I’m not.”

Jones, who tested positive for the anti-oestrogenic substances clomiphene and letrozole, was handed a one-year suspension by both USADA and the Nevada State Athletic Commission for his infringement, but he will be eligible to return to action anytime after the 6th of July 2017. He is scheduled to appear at a press conference on Friday in Buffalo, the day before Cormier defends his title against the aforementioned Anthony Johnson in the same city.

Given that Dana White has already suggested that Jones is likely to fight for the title upon his return, many are expecting the UFC to announce that he will face the winner of Cormier vs Johnson 2 sometime later this year.

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