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Watch: Chad Mendes Hilariously Struggles To Control His Inner MMA Fighter In Grappling Bout

Chad Mendes caused a pretty serious upset at Submission Underground(SUG) 3 in Portland Oregon on Sunday, when he defeated jiu-jitsu black-belt Jeff Glover in overtime.

According to the Eddie Bravo Invitational Rules(EBI), by which SUG abides, if there is no submission winner after a single ten-minute round, the combatants progress to overtime.

The overtime rules are quite interesting.

First, there is a coin toss, with the winner getting to decide what position the subsequent exchange starts from – the back or ‘spiderweb’ position. The grapplers will then take turns attempting to score submissions from the chosen position. If one person scores a submission and his/heropponent fails to do so, the winner is…well that should be obvious. If neither grappler manages to secure a tap, they progress to another overtime period and then another if necessary. If by the end of three rounds there has not been a submission, the grappler with the quickest combined escape time is declared the winner. If both men/women score submissions, the one with the quickest time is the victor.

In the case of the Mendes vs Glover match-up, both men registered submissions. However, while it took Glover 35 seconds to force a tap from the back position, it only took Mendes 8 seconds to finish the submission-specialist with a rear-naked choke.

It was quite an SUG debut for the former two-time UFC featherweight title challenger, who is currently serving a two-year suspension from Mixed Martial Arts competition stemming from a failed drug test during an out-of-competition phase in May of 2016.

But it’s a moment from the regulation period of the bout that we want to draw your attention to here.

After transitioning to side-control, Mendes showed that the MMA fighter inside him was struggling with the rule-set by which he was bound, as he hilariously began dropping elbows to the mat just above Glover’s head.

It was all in good humour, though, and the combatants shared a little giggle once Mendes had finished his delivering his salvo.

You can watch the clip below, courtesy of FloCombat

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Author: The PA Team

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