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Exclusive: John Kavanagh Lays Out Conor McGregor’s Post-UFC 205 Options

John Kavanagh Conor McGregor

When he was asked by All-Ireland winning Dublin footballer Philly McMahon what would be next for Conor McGregor after UFC 205 and his massive super-fight with Eddie Alvarez, John Kavanagh gave the sort of answer that you would expect from any good coach.

He first stressed that the focus should be on the extremely challenging task at hand and not the uncertainty beyond it.

“To be honest, things change so rapidly, we are not too sure what the next step is going to be. Right now we are just going to focus on this contest,” said Kavanagh, during the first episode of The Elite Edge by Pundit Arena, in association with eir Sport . “Lets get this positive result.”

However, the SBG Ireland founder did acknowledge that a vast array of possibilities currently line the horizon.

“There are so many options for Conor right now,” Kavanagh said. “The [Floyd] Mayweather fight is still kind of hanging in there. [Conor] is the [145-pound] champion. In a couple of weeks he will be the [155-pound] champion. The Nate [Diaz] trilogy is there. Maybe going back to [145lbs]. So, a lot of things are up in the air. I’m sure Conor will have an interesting announcement to make after the fight. So, stay tuned.”

Talk of a possible return to 145lbs isn’t particularly surprising. After all, during the recent UFC 205 media conference call, McGregor once again seemed reluctant to commit to relinquishing a belt should he secure a second on November 12th.

McGregor won the 145-pound belt last December when he destroyed Jose Aldo in 13 seconds.
McGregor won the 145-pound belt last December when he destroyed Jose Aldo in 13 seconds.

“Vacate? I don’t know, we’ll see about that,” McGregor said(via MMAFighting). “Why not defend them both? I fight every week. I only fought last week. So, I can defend them both.”

Likewise, a trilogy-completing showdown with Nate Diaz seems like a natural talking point. The pair are tied at one win apiece and a decider would be a massive money spinner for all involved. UFC president Dana White has voiced a puzzling opposition to the idea, but that’s something that could and likely will change going forward.

The most surprising item on Kavanagh’s above list was the Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight. Most have completely dismissed the possibility of that bout happening at this stage, but it seems that the McGregor camp are not completely convinced it’s a no go.

Of course, for that fight to have any chance of materializing, McGregor would have to put himself in a very disadvantageous position.

“There is only one way that Floyd would step in and that would be pure boxing,” said Kavanagh. “Absolutely, that’s the only way.”

McGregor has, on multiple occasions, expressed a willingness to combat Mayweather in his own environment, however.

For the right price.

But if Mayweather came up with McGregor’s fee, which seems to be $100 million, and the barmy fight were to go ahead, what changes would be made to ‘The Notorious’ one’s team? A mercenary boxing coach would surely be brought in to sharpen McGregor’s pugilistic tools, but who would that be?

“For boxing, in Dublin, Conor goes to train with Paschal Collins every now and again – Steve Collins brother – out in Blanchardstown,” said Kavanagh. “For sure, we would bring him in. He is a fantastic coach. I have met him a number of times, we click. We are both kind of on the same page. So, Paschal would be the man there.”

Collins, who trains the likes of Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan and Stephen Ormond out of the Celtic Warriors boxing gym, has often spoken about how good a boxer McGregor is, but preparing him to face Mayweather would be a serious task to undertake.

You can watch the relevant segment at the 9:40 mark of the video below. To watch both parts of The Elite Edge with Philly McMahon and John Kavanagh visit the Pundit Arena Facebook page.

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