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Jose Aldo Says That He Will Tap Out Right Away In Next Fight If UFC Refuse To Release Him

Former UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo has been involved in a couple of exceptionally brief contests during his 12-year MMA career.

The Brazilian’s much anticipated bout with Conor McGregor in December 2015 lasted just 13 seconds, as Aldo was spectacularly felled with the first punch that his bitter rival landed. A number of years prior to that, in 2009, it was the South American ‘Scarface’ himself who was the author of an exceedingly short story, when he destroyed Cub Swanson in just 8 seconds at WEC 41.

(Apologies for the music featured in the video below, which pounds the brain with all the thudding force of Aldo’s strikes on Swanson.)

However, if Aldo ever fights in the UFC again, there is a chance we will bear witness to his shortest contest yet.

Speaking to the media in Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday, the 145-pound great once again reiterated his desire to secure a release from his contract with the UFC. But the 30-year-old added that there are other ways he can free himself from contractual obligation to the promotion should that request be denied.

Aldo even suggested that he would be willing to throw a fight in order to so.

“If they release me, that would be great, but if not, what can we do? I have other projects and that depends on this meeting we’re having with them,” said Jose(via MMAFighting). “If I want to retire, no contract can stop me. I can go there and say (I’m retired) and they can’t force me to fight. A lawyer already looked at the contract, but I don’t want to fight (the UFC in court). I don’t want anything.

“Ah, you want me to fight MMA again? So I’ll get in there and tap right away, and the fight is over. I’d do it quickly. What I really want is other things for my life.”

Would such drastic measures ever be necessary? Aldo seems to think that they might be. Perhaps because merely retiring would free him only to a certain extent. It’s likely that there are stipulations within his contract that would prevent him from pursuing certain career paths in the event of retirement. Aldo persists with claims that he does not wish to fight for any other MMA organisation, but these stipulations may place barriers even outside the world of mixed combat.

“They have the rights for everything, even my breath,” Aldo said. “I can’t even breathe outside the UFC.”

The meeting to which Aldo refers above is scheduled to take place next week in Las Vegas, but it seems unlikely that he will be given the release he seeks. UFC president Dana White has already said that the promotion is not willing to let their first featherweight champion go. White suggested that company officials would instead try to appease the proud fighter in some way.

With Aldo claiming that even a shot at revenge over Conor McGregor wouldn’t be enough to change his mind at this point, White and Co. will struggle to find bait tempting enough to lure the Nova Uniao representative back into the fold.

You can read about Aldo’s reasons for wanting to leave the UFC here and here.

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