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Watch: Mark Hunt Rips Into Brock Lesnar And The UFC In Raw, Expletive-Laden Tirade

Mark Hunt is angry, that much is for sure. And it seems that every time the New Zealander opens his mouth or puts finger to keyboard, he is getting even angrier.

Ever since he found out that his UFC 200 opponent Brock Lesnar had been flagged for a potential anti-doping violation, Hunt has launched one intense tirade after another, taking aim at both the gargantuan WWE star and the UFC itself over a variety of media platforms.

However, the veteran heavyweight’s rage hit it’s maniacal peak on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour.

Utilising words from the very darkest depths of the English language, Hunt once again voiced his outrage over the whole situation, calling for Lesnar’s entire purse to be taken away, questioning if the UFC had prior knowledge of the former heavyweight champion’s apparent transgressions and threatening legal action against the parties involved.

It was raw, emotional stuff that at times made the show’s host Ariel Helwani noticeably uncomfortable. You couldn’t blame him either, even the Diaz brothers must have been sitting at home begging for some decorum.

We aren’t going to bother with a transcription here folks, because reading Hunt’s words simply won’t have the same impact as hearing them.

Here is a brief snippet from the eye of the vitriolic storm, but for the entire interview check out the second video below.

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Author: The PA Team

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