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It’s Hard Not To Take Guilty Pleasure In Chael Sonnen’s Brilliant Response To Recent Twitter Criticism

Chael Sonnen, every MMA fans guilty pleasure.

It’s important to state at the beginning of this piece that we don’t condone the past actions and transgressions of Chael Sonnen when it comes to the use of performance enhancing drugs. Not only did he choose to take banned substances to gain an unfair advantage over his competition, he did so in a sport where this advantage allowed him to be more effective at the act pinning someone down and beating them about the head. This means that it was not merely cheating, it was also morally corrupt.

In saying all that, one has to admire to some degree Sonnen’s jarring honesty in regards to his prior dishonesty and his refreshing refusal to apologise for his misdeeds.

Most athletes will deny that they knowingly did anything wrong, which of course is sometimes the case, while those that do admit wrongdoing are normally quick to apologise – something that comes across as disingenuous in the extreme. How can we really be expected to believe that they have suddenly realised the error of their ways? The reality is, the majority are mainly sorry that they got caught.

However, back in October 2014, Sonnen said on an episode of his podcast ‘You’re Welcome’ that he wasn’t going to say sorry, simply because he wasn’t.

“People were saying, ‘why won’t he say he’s sorry?’ I’m not,” said Sonnen. “I’m not going to apologise because I’m not sorry. I’m a consenting adult. I knew exactly what I was doing. This was a premeditated decision”.

Even two years on, ‘The American Gangster’ remains defiant. Recently challenged on Twitter about some admittedly hypocritical comments he made regarding Brock Lesnar’s potential anti-doping violation, Sonnen responded to his critic with characteristic aplomb.

Sonnen’s comment is slightly off the mark however. The former UFC middleweight and light-heavyweight title contender flunked two separate tests in 2014. On the first test, two banned substances were detected and four were found when the second test was conducted. Yes, that makes six, but anastrozole was found in both samples.

The other drugs that Sonnen popped for were Human Growth Hormone(HGH), recombinant human erythropoietin(EPO), human chorionic gonadotropin(hCG) and clomiphene, an oestrogen blocker that was also the cause of one of Lesnar’s failed tests.

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Author: The PA Team

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