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Watch: Guy DeLumeau Pulls Off One Of MMA’s Rarest Submissions At Pancrase 279

Twisters are pretty damn rare in MMA bouts.

How rare, you ask?

Well in the history of the UFC there has only ever been one submission due to a Twister. That happened in 2011, when ‘The Korean Zombie’ Chang Sung Jung viciously contorted poor Leonard Garcia’s body with the brutal manoeuvre at UFC 163.

So that should give you some idea.

It’s quite bizarre then, that in the last week, two twisters have been executed at big time MMA events.

At last weekend’s Bellator show in London, England’s own Danny Mitchell submitted C.J Meeks with the hold during a preliminary bout. Amazingly, this was Mitchell’s second career submission win via Twister. However, the finish flew under the radar somewhat and we couldn’t even find any footage of it.

But, there is no need to despair, because we can present you with footage of the Twister that Hawaiian featherweight Guy DeLumeau utilised to dispatch Satoshi Inaba at Pancrase 279 in Tokyo on Saturday night.

DeLumea, a veteran of some 35 professional outings, actually isn’t particularly prolific when it comes to submission finishes. In fact, this was only the fourth of his lengthy career. A tad surprising considering the rare and complex feat he just accomplished.

With the win, the 34-year-old improved to 21-11-3.

As you can probably tell from the clip and Inaba’s reaction in it, the Twister is an extremely painful hold and it can also be very dangerous due to pressure it puts on the cervical spine.

Late last year, UFC women’s strawweight Angela Mangana found herself locked in one during training, but refused to tap. She ended up in the E.R.

Luckily, it turned out that Mangana had not suffered any serious injuries.

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