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Video: Jose Aldo Is Going To Smash Conor McGregor – Diego Brandao

A certain former Conor McGregor opponent doesn’t think much of “The Notorious” one’s chances of beating Jose Aldo at UFC 194.

A couple of weeks ago, PunditArena reported that Dustin Poirier was expressing a new found respect for Conor McGregor. The man who fell to the might of McGregor’s vaunted left hand in Las Vegas at UFC 178, described the Dubliner as “the real deal” and picked him to overcome Aldo at UFC 194, to become undisputed featherweight champion.

Another former foe has a completely different outlook, however.

Diego Brandao, who was stopped inside a round by McGregor in Dublin’s O2 last year, told MMAJunkie that his fellow Brazilian “is going to smash Conor”. The 28-year-old hard-man also down played the notion that McGregor was winning the psychological war over the longtime belt-holder.

“He’s not going to get under his skin. I don’t think the guy is going to be scared”

Brandao and Poirier do share a stance on one issue, though.

Poirier expressed a desire to secure a rematch with the brash Irishman, and Brandao too let it be known that he was working toward earning a return bout with the cash cow of the UFC’s male roster.

“I don’t want to say Conor is a good guy or Conor sucks because I lose to him, but I want to rematch this guy and I’m going to have my chance.”

DB bounced back from his loss to Conor by picking up a victory over Jim Hettes via TKO in April, and he will look to take another rehabilitative step this Saturday night when he takes on Katsunori Kikuno at UFC Fight Night 75 in Japan.

You can watch the full interview, courtesy of MMAJunkie, below.

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