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Paddy Pimblett’s Ariel Helwani gag falls flat with Joe Rogan

Paddy Pimblett Ariel Helwani

It didn’t go down too well.

Paddy Pimblett won a controversial fight against Jared Gordon in the early hours of Sunday morning, thanks to a judges’ decision.

Many felt as though the fight was closer than the judges did, but the win means that Pimblett remains undefeated in the UFC.

It has been a wild week for Pimblett, who has been in the headlines thanks to a podcast he did with Dana White, where he tore into Ariel Helwani.

He said that he “hated” Helwani before going on to describe him as a “little rodent”, for not offering him money to do an interview.

He told White: “Start paying people for these interviews that you make thousands, and thousands, and thousands of pounds from. I know that now because I make money off YouTube. So I know how much he earns off YouTube.

“‘You’re doing it for exposure.’ No you’re not, you’re doing it to put money in your pocket Ariel, you little rodent.”

White agreed, as he and Helwani have been engaged in a war of words for years at this point, but the overwhelming consensus was that Pimblett took it too far with his comments.

Paddy Pimblett’s Ariel Helwani joke

After his win over Gordon, Pimblett was approached by Joe Rogan for the post-fight interview, and he couldn’t resist taking a jab at Helwani.

With his arm around Rogan, Pimblett said into the microphone: “Joe, have you consulted my manager to see how much you’re paying me for this interview?”

Rogan hardly reacted at all, nor did the crowd, and he wanted to get back to talking about the fight itself.

Rogan said: “That was a close one, wasn’t it?”, to which Pimblett responded: “No it wasn’t. That wasn’t close… Not close at all. I won the first two rounds and then coasted in the third.”

Helwani responded to the dig taken at him on Twitter, while also insisting that he thought Pimblett lost the fight.

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