Conor McGregor responds to “worst pitch ever” claims after baseball gaffe

Conor McGregor throw

He seems a bit embarrassed.

Conor McGregor has responded to claims he threw the “worst pitch ever” before a Chicago Cubs game.

He joined a long list of celebrities who have struggled with the pre-game pitch, with rapper 50 Cent also up there with the worst of all time.

While you would think a professional fighter would have more skill with his hands, he has also struggled with throwing an NFL ball in the past, while he did have a bit more joy playing basketball.

Conor McGregor’s baseball pitch

Following the inevitable comparisons between his and 50 cent’s disastrous throws, McGregor took to Instagram to try and explain why the two situations are completely different.

In typical McGregor fashion, he ended up bringing the conversation back to his wealth and finances.

He wrote: “The audacity to compare mine with this piss! Picture to picture alone buries this. Mine, bar the accuracy, was the most powerful and fastest first pitch of any of these other athletes/ artist over the years. No comparison. Smoke them up and down that Forbes I do.

“I Bought for 80k in Weirs jeweler of Ireland and today it is worth close to 500k.”

Conor McGregor’s fighting career

While it seems the Dubliner’s finances are going from strength to strength, largely due to his whiskey company, the same can’t be said for what he is doing inside the octagon.

He has lost back-to-back fights against Dustin Poirier, though the most recent one was somewhat of a freak accident, as he broke his leg in the middle of the fight.

Since then, McGregor has gone on many controversial late-night Twitter rants, aiming abuse at Poirier and his family. He also shared several photos which aimed to prove that he was carrying an injury to his lower leg in fight camp for UFC 264.

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