Conor McGregor calls out former friend to late-night brawl

conor mcgregor artem lobov

He wants to settle their legal issues the old-fashioned way.

Conor McGregor has called out his former best friend Artem Lobov for a fight, amid legal issues between the two fighters.

McGregor took to social media to reveal that Lobov was filing a second lawsuit against him and his father Tony McGregor, accusing him of “defamation of character”.

This comes after Lobov allegedly filed a lawsuit earlier this week seeking millions in restitution after claims he was “instrumental” in helping McGregor launch his popular Proper 12 whiskey brand.

This resulted in McGregor taking to social media to criticise Lobov for both his personality and his physical appearance.

Conor McGregor vs Artem Lobov

On Twitter, McGregor wrote: “Artem is trying to sue me and my father for defamation now as well. Oh lord, god bless. Artem you look like an uncooked sausage of a thing. Jump on the pan for minute pal you look rough mate. God bless ya pal.”

In a voice message on Twitter, McGregor continued: “This is a call out to Artem, the fanny, fairy pad, Lobov. I’m challenging you to a fight tonight 10:30 p.m. I’ll meet you down at SBG Concorde and we’ll fight for the whole lot. Going through having lawyers message me about defamation and all this suing and all.

“You’re a little blouse, mate. I’ll see you SBG Concorde tonight at 10:30 p.m. and I’ll fight you for the whole lot. Answer this f****** call out, yeah? you little blouse.”

Lobov didn’t reply, publicly at least, and one would assume that the short notice nature of the call out would suggest that the fight did not happen.

McGregor has unsurprisingly deleted these tweets, something which has become synonymous with the fighter, though we doubt we have seen the last of this story just yet.

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