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Ariel Helwani calls Dillon Danis “a b***h” in live interview

ariel helwani dillon danis

An odd exchange…

Ariel Helwani called MMA fighter Dillon Danis a bitch in a live interview on his YouTube channel on Wednesday.

Helwani, the well-known MMA journalist, took issue with the fact that Danis refused to shake his hand as he entered the studio.

Expressing his surprise, Ariel Helwani said: “Come on, you are not gonna shake my hand? Wow, what a bitch move! You are just gonna sit here and not shake my hand?”

This was a common theme throughout the interview, as Helwani also referred to Danis as a bitch for accusing the journalist of crying on the phone to him in the past.

Ariel Helwani and Dillon Danis

Elsewhere in the interview, Danis made the bold claim that he is about to make the most money out of any active fighter in the sport of MMA.

Danis is set to fight the popular YouTube boxer KSI on Saturday 14 January, and he had to pay Bellator to allow him to do so.

“I’m still the most relevant at 2-0, and I’m about to make the biggest bag out of anybody in MMA, active,” Danis told Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour. “I’m not going to say, but it’s way more than anybody. Once it comes out, then you can see. It’ll come out. I’m telling you, I’m making more money than any UFC champion right now.”

“I’m 2-0 and I’m about to make more money than any guy in MMA right now,” Danis continued later. “100 percent… OK, Izzy [Israel Adesanya], because he gets the pay-per-view and things like that, it actually might be close to Izzy, and Conor McGregor’s not fighting right now.

“I’m telling you. I saw what Paulo [Costa] was supposed to make against [Robert] Whittaker, and that’s what I was getting in my first fight for Bellator. That’s nothing. It’s embarrassing. I got more than that in my first fight in Bellator

The two did shake hands in the end…

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