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Conor McGregor admits he was affected by mid-fight shout from Dustin Poirier’s corner

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“One of them sunk in early and Thiago said, ‘That was a good one’.”

Conor McGregor has said he was affected by a mid-fight shout from Dustin Poirier’s corner. Poirier beat the Irishman at UFC 257, recording a second-round knockout against an opponent he lost to in their first fight back in 2014.

Following the bout, McGregor didn’t make any excuses for his defeat and praised Poirier for his performance on the night. He did, however, admit that he a shout from his opponent’s corner stuck in his head.

Conor McGregor

Poirier defeats McGregor at UFC 257.

Poirier unleashed a series of kicks to McGregor’s lower legs that left the Irish fighter on crutches.

The former two-weight world champion was noticeably hobbling during the second round before the bout was ended by knockout.

McGregor said in his post-fight press conference that a mid-fight shout from Thiago Alves, a member of Poirier’s coaching team, left an impression on him.

Conor McGregor

McGregor: Poirier’s kicks took their toll.

“The kicks accumulated, for sure,” McGregor said.

“I knew when I saw he had Thiago Alves in his corner. I thought, ‘These’… I knew what was coming. I knew he was going to try the low kicks.

“He’s also experienced taking those low kicks himself, before. So, that’s my first time to experience it.

“One of them sunk in early and Thiago said, ‘That was a good one’.

“And I was in my head, thinking, ‘You bastard – that was a good one’. And then it started accumulating up.”

Conor McGregor

What next for McGregor.

McGregor also said following the fight that he does not intend to permanently retire from MMA and he wants to fight again.

Dana White, the UFC president, hinted that McGregor and Poirier could fight again to cap a trilogy of bouts.

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