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VIDEO: Conor McGregor’s Fight Preparations

Conor McGregor’s UFC star is on the rise, as the Irish fighter continues to make waves in the Octagon.

The people at Fox Sports put together a superb video detailing McGregor’s life after his famous knockout on his UFC d├ębut and his preparations for the Max Holloway fight, which the Dubliner also won.

It is a great video that shows us the real Conor and gives us an insight into his family and those around him. McGregor represents the greatest Irish prospect in UFC history (although there was only one other Irishman before him; Tom Egan) and his likeability means fans are flocking to see the Notorious King of Dublin in action.

This video is a must-watch for all UFC fans.

For those who missed it, McGregor overcame Max Holloway via unanimous decision in Boston on Saturday night.

Let’s hope McGregor continues his great run of form!

Sport Is Everything. Richard Barrett.

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