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Watch Live: John Kavanagh On Joe Rogan’s Podcast

Over the weekend, Conor McGregor’s coach John Kavanagh confirmed that he would be appearing on Joe Rogan’s podcast on Monday, with UFC 229 surely set to be the main topic of discussion.

In Las Vegas on Saturday night, Conor McGregor was defeated on his return to the octagon, getting submitted in the fourth round of his lightweight title bout against undefeated champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.

It was, however, the events after the main event which got everyone talking.

A brawl ensued on the outside while a number of Khabib’s camp entered the octagon and blindsided McGregor with a flurry of shots before security eventually intervened.

Amidst the ensuing chaos, both McGregor and Khabib were escorted out of the arena while three of Khabib’s teammates were arrested, however, the charges were later dropped.

Kavanagh will likely touch upon the brawl but it will also be interesting to hear his in-depth knowledge of the sport as well as his insight into the career of Conor McGregor.

It will also be interesting to hear Joe Rogan’s more expanded take on the incidents that occurred following UFC 229 as he seemed to be disgusted at the actions of the parties involved when discussing it on commentary.

Either way, it should be a fascinating listen!

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