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Watch: Russian Fighter Scores Nasty Counter Knee KO

You won’t see too many better timed knees this year.

As a certain Irishman says: “precision beats power and timing beats speed,” but what if you can merge them all into a knee?

Alexandr Shabliy is a fighter who managed just that Sunday at ACB 67 in Dagestan. The 24-year-old Russian fighter improved his record to 16-3 with a win over Gleristone Santos (33-8).

In the first round, the dynamic lightweight was under pressure from Santos and backed up against the cage. Amidst a flurry of bombs, Shabliy countered with a perfectly placed knee to the jaw.

Santos’ lights were well and truly shut off. Landing a clean knee can be difficult during good spells, never mind while backed up. Shabliy deserves huge credit for the immaculate timing of this shot, scoring the KO win less than two minutes into the fight.

Such a spectacular finish would be a standout for most fighters, but it’s not Shabliy’s first foray into the realms of such violence. Check out this flying knee finish below.

Shabliy certainly brings an exciting, violent style to the cage. None of his 16 wins have been through a decision. His record reads nine finished by KO/TKO and seven finishes via submission.

Having won eight of his last nine, don’t be surprised if you see Alexandr Shabliy’s name bandied about in the big leagues soon.

Dana White is always harping on that he looks for exciting fighters (Justin Gaethje springs to mind) so if Shabliy keeps up his finishing ways, he may be fielding calls from the UFC, sooner rather than later.

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