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“Maybe The Experts Will Start Saying I Am Just A Left Shoulder”

Conor McGregor returned to the UFC Octagon in impressive fashion finishing veteran fighter Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone after just 40 seconds.

There was a lot to admire with McGregor’s performance. Not least the fact that he rocked Cerrone was a devastating head kick that set him up to finish the fight.


Cerrone is well-known for his repertoire of head kicks with one of the many records he holds being the most head kick knockouts in UFC history.

Speaking to BT Sport following the fight, the Dubliner credited Cerrone’s record as “mind-blowing” while claiming he was very happy to land one on the American fighter.


“I certainly saw the head kick. I knew Donald was planning to kick me in the head and add to his impressive resume of most head kick knockouts which is mind-blowing to me to have that record. So I was very happy to land a kick on Donald myself.

“I knew he was susceptible to it himself so I’m happy to catch that.”


McGregor also shocked everybody watching on as he landed some devastating shoulders to Cerrone’s face while in the clinch. They proved very effective, catching Cerrone off guard and helping McGregor to secure the early finish.

The SBG fighter claimed he’s been “banging people with the shoulder” for some time while also joking that maybe the “experts” will claim he only has a good left shoulder, in reference to criticism that his left hand is the only weapon in his arsenal.


“Yeah, well I’ve been banging people with the shoulder for a while now so. I knew I caught him off guard and when we separated I saw the busted nose and the busted eye so I was like ‘lovely, happy days’.

“He kind of froze when I hit the first one. I felt the connection, it was a good shot.

“It’s a good shot of mine. Maybe they’ll start saying I am just a left shoulder the way they say I’m just a left hand, you know what I mean? The way the supposed experts say.

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