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Al Iaquinta’s Coach Believes He Should Get Next Shot At Conor McGregor

iaquinta mcgregor

Al Iaquinta has headlined the last two UFC cards that he has competed on, and his coach, Ray Longo, believes it is time he gets a crack at the company’s money man, Conor McGregor

Having defeated Kevin Lee this past weekend at UFC Milwaukee, and before that going all five rounds with Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 223 on just 20 hours notice, Iaquinta has forced himself into the top-five of the UFC  lightweight rankings.

Having now won six of his last seven, Longo believes it is time that Iaquinta was given a big pay-per-view match-up against the UFC’s golden ticket.

“I’d really like to see him fight Conor next,” Longo told Luke Thomas on The MMA Hour.

iaquinta mcgregor

“I don’t think Conor deserves the Khabib rematch at all. It looks like they’re going to give Ferguson Khabib, which is 100 percent fair. That makes fair sense, not everything is fair sense, it’s money sense.

“But I’d like to see Al get a big money fight against a great guy who can bring a lot of eyeballs to pay-per-view. I think that would be great. I think Al deserves it and I think that’s a great matchup. I’d love to see it and I’d love to be a part of it.”

If he is rewarded with a big money fight against McGregor, ‘Raging Al’ would most likely be drawn into a back and forth game of mental warfare with the Irishman, something McGregor has become famous for.

However, Longo stated that Iaquinta wouldn’t care too much about what the Dubliner would have to say, before joking that he feared what dirt McGregor could dig up on himself.

iaquinta mcgregor

“I think I take that back, I don’t even think I want that in my life,” Longo said.

“I think I’d rather run for political office than have that guy researching, doing my background checks.

“But I don’t think Al gives a shit. I think it’s all good. I think Conor knows who he can get away with that shit with and who he can’t, he’s a street kid. I think that will be to no avail and that’s all good stuff.”

“It’s entertainment at the end of the day, I don’t take anything personal at this point. Al just wants to fight. It’s almost like what he did with Kevin Lee. Same Al. That’s what you want to say? Now’s your time to do it. It’s put up or shut up.”


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