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Justin Gaethje Goads Conor McGregor For Being Scared To Fight Him

gaethje mcgregor

Who is going to be the man that welcomes Conor McGregor back to the UFC Octagon?

With the Dubliner announcing his comeback date for January 2020, speculation is mounting as to who his, as of yet unnamed, opponent is.

UFC veteran Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone seems to be the front-runner but one other lightweight contender is making a lot of noise… Justin Gaethje.

Speaking with TMZ, the number four ranked UFC lightweight discussed how he has not been approached to fight McGregor while also bemoaning the fact that the Irish man is looking to skip ahead of him in the queue for a shot a Khabib Nurmagomedov.

gaethje mcgregor

“It’s bullsh*t,” Gaethje said.

“I don’t know what’s going on. I’m over here playing in the snow, snowboarding when I can, golfing when I can, trying to keep my mind distracted because I get very frustrated when I think about what’s going on.

“The fact that if he’s fighting anybody, it should be me, if he wants to fight for a world title. If he doesn’t then he can fight whoever he wants, I’m cool with that. That’s perfectly fine. I have no complaints about that, but if you want to fight for a world title, I put myself in line and you’re trying to be in line so what is happening right now?”

Given that Cerrone is currently on a two-fight losing streak as opposed to Gaethje’s three-fight winning streak, Gaethje feels that McGregor is looking for an easy win in order to secure a lucrative rematch with Nurmagomedov.

gaethje mcgregor

The Arizona native also compared McGregor to Ronda Rousey, claiming the Irish man will have a fall similar to that of the former bantamweight world champion.

“I truly believe that he is scared to fight the fight that he has to fight against me,” Gaethje said.

“I think he’s looking for a sure win. At the end of the day, there’s only two ways out with me. You either knock me out – I wouldn’t finish him like Khabib did, I wouldn’t take his neck. I’d make him stand up and then I’d make him take it like a man. That’s one thing I know deep down he’s terrified of and that’s one thing I bring to the table.

“I think he knows that he needs a win but at the end of the day this is gonna be another Ronda Rousey story. He dug himself too deep of a hole and there’s no way he can come out of it. He’s gonna get knocked out and he’s gonna go away.”

gaethje mcgregor

With the UFC seemingly not keen on making the fight between Gaethje and McGregor, the American has resorted to goading the ‘Notorious’ into one day hopefully fighting him.

“Right now, talk sh*t to Conor and hopefully pull him out – I don’t got to pull him out, the man said he’s gonna fight,” Gaethje concluded.

“He’s an absolute b*tch if he does not fight me. He’s gonna lose a ton of respect from all his fans. I mean, how big of a b*tch can you be? Especially when you call yourself the king – the Burger King – and then not fight me solely for the purpose that you have to get a win so you won’t face me.

“He’s a b*tch but I’m hoping he’s only like a b*tch in a way that he doesn’t want them to tell me that I’m fighting him January 18th so that maybe he’ll get a head start in training, not as big a b*tch as just he’s not fighting me. So I don’t know. I’m training like I always do, staying ready.”

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