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Watch: Shane Mosley Says Conor McGregor Wouldn’t Even Beat Floyd Mayweather Sr.

A former four-time boxing world champion has become the latest to write off Conor McGregor’s chances of victory this Saturday – as Shane Mosley has said that the Dubliner would struggle to beat Floyd Mayweather Sr. – let alone the undefeated Mayweather Jr.

Mosley – who fought Mayweather in 2010 – is regarded by many as one of the only boxers to ever come close to knocking down Mayweather – but reckons McGregor simply has not got a chance when it comes to shocking the world on Saturday night – putting his verdict down to a lack of boxing experience and technique.

Speaking to Doug Gottlieb on the Herd, Mosley analysed some of the sparring footage of McGregor – citing that he throws ‘sloppy punches’ and that being unorthodox will matter for nothing as he will still be ‘totally outclassed’.

Mosley based his arguments on the 2014 meeting between Floyd and Marcos Maidana – citing the bout as an example as to how Mayweather can adapt to different situations in the ring and come out with victory.

“It’s gonna be very very hard for Conor to do anything with Floyd that he hasn’t already seen.”

Weighing in on the glove debate – the Californian boxer also acknowledged that the 80z decision will not make much of a difference – given that Mayweather has fought at both 80z and 10oz in his career – therefore it does not swing any advantage towards McGregor.

Mosley’s most interesting piece of analysis however came when Gottlieb posed him to give the scenario in which Floyd Mayweather would lose the fight – to which he responded:

“I can’t even come up with a scenario. Floyd Mayweather Sr. and Conor – now that’s a good fight – that’s a fight that I don’t know who’s going to win. I slightly pick Floyd Mayweather Sr.”

Given that Floyd Sr. is 64 years old – one can argue that Mosley’s comments may be slightly overexaggerated – but it does exemplify the belief in the boxing community that when it comes to it on Saturday night – Conor McGregor hasn’t got a chance.

As the Notorious has proved time and time again – he absolutely thrives off of doubt.

Click on the video below to watch the full interview.

Jordan Norris, Pundit Arena.

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