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Joe Rogan explains why Conor McGregor ended up getting beaten by Dustin Poirier at UFC 257

Joe Rogan

“Look at Dustin’s series of victories, look at the people he beat.”

UFC commentator Joe Rogan has outlined why Conor McGregor ended up being convincingly beaten by Dustin Poirier during their bout last month.

Rogan suggested that McGregor’s fighting approach along with his inactivity, and Poirier’s improvements as a fighter all combined to hand the Irishman a humiliating defeat.

Conor McGregor

McGregor vs Poirier.

Last month, ‘The Notorious’ fought against Poirier as part of the headline event for UFC 257.

While McGregor was seen by many as the favourite to win the fight, it was the American who emerged as the victor in the end.

‘The Diamond’ managed to humble the former two-division champion with his powerful calf-kicks, before proceeding to end the encounter in the second round with a knockout.

Dustin Poirier

“(I’m a former) interim world champion,” Poirier told MMA Junkie following his victory.

“I just knocked out Conor McGregor, and now I’m No. 1 and the only person above me, (Khabib Nurmagomedov), might never fight again.

“People want to climb that ladder, and in order to do that, you’ve got to beat the guys at the top.”

Rogan details McGregor’s loss.

Rogan spoke on a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast and had his say on McGregor’s fighting style.

“The thing is [McGregor] is heavy on that front leg, [he has a] wide karate stance and he’s always doing this,” the 53-year-old explained.

“When that leg is available for the low calf kick that changes everything, changes your whole approach, and Conor is also a guy (who has) never been known to switch back and forth.

Conor McGregor

“He doesn’t like to have his left leg forward, that’s not a common thing for him.

“So, once his leg is getting chewed up, it’s not like he’s got that option like he can fight just as good from orthodox.”

Rogan also felt that the Crumlin native’s lack of activity over the past year coupled with Poirier‘s improvements as a fighter played a role in the final result.

“I don’t necessarily think it’s a rich thing. I don’t know if that affects him that much, but I do think it’s inactivity and do I think Dustin got a lot better,” Rogan added.

Dustin poirier

“At 145, Dustin was depleted and diminished. At 155? He’s f***ing huge.

“He doesn’t even look like a 55er. He looks like a 70; his back is f***ing gigantic. And look at Dustin’s series of victories, look at the people he beat.

“He beat the s**t out of Max Holloway. That’s crazy. He beat him with what Max Holloway’s best at, which is standup.”

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