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Vettori promises to punish Costa for being unprofessional

Vettori Costa

Paulo Costa still refuses to accept responsibility for weight change and Vettori wants to make him pay for it.

In the ongoing weight saga with Paulo Costa and Marvin Vettori, 205 has ended up being the weight that we will see the two fight at.

With contrasting claims between the two and no responsibility being taken for the change, fans will be hoping a quality event can follow the dramatic buildup.

Costa’s claims

Megan Olivi spoke with both fighters separately ahead of the fight and Costa maintained that he’s done nothing wrong.

“I took one contract yesterday, is the only contract that I see is 205. I sign, I come today and I make that weight.

“I never sign 185 or 195. The only contract that I see is 205.”

Olivi then asked Costa if he would have fought at 195 despite the 7kg weight cut saying, “Probably, yeah but I left the conversation for my team. I was only focussed on cut weight.”

In terms of the fight, Costa claimed that he doesn’t expect a size difference but claims that the difference will be felt in his power.

“I believe it will be very hard for him for survive for 5 rounds with me inside that small cage. I will be very powerful with a lot of energy.”

Vettori’s take

Vettori also had a chance to summarise the saga, in which he promised revenge.

“He came in heavy I guess, tried to say 195 then 198, then they sign a contract at 195. Then he said he couldn’t make 195, then he didn’t want to give a bit of his purse either.

“It’s very unprofessional from his side and I’ll punish him tomorrow.”

The Italian doesn’t believe the weight change will make a difference as he has some quality experience against light heavyweights.

“At the end of the day, weight is whatever. I train with light heavyweights the whole time. I used to spar with Werdum day-in, day-out to be honest.

“This is my discipline and the cage is my house. I’m ready and I don’t care who’s in there and what weight they are at.”

Vettori didn’t put any name forward for if he wins the fight but knows he’ll have another chance at the belt when the time is right.

“I just wanna show that I’m the best and it’s gonna put me there as one of the best in title contention. You know, I’m always gonna be around.

“I just wanna fight the best and I know the title’s gonna come.”

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