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“You’re fat bro” – Vettori slams Costa as he deines fault in weight change

Vettori Costa

Marvin Vettori and Paulo Costa have agreed to a catchweight fight at 205lbs after Costa comes in heavy.

In a bizarre interview with Brett Okamoto and his opponent, Marvin Vettori, Paulo Costa decided to try and flip the script on Vettori claiming that there was no problem on his end and that his opponent was the one causing trouble.

Costa arrived in Vegas well above the weight he should be for a fighter looking to make 185lbs. Since the fight seemed unlikely to go ahead at this weight, a catchweight bout at 195lbs had been put forward but since the interview, it has moved up to 205.

“I’m ready to fight Saturday. Marvin or some other guy. I don’t care,” said Costa. “I don’t care for weight, I don’t care who I need to face on Saturday, I hope Marvin came to Saturday to fight.”

Vettori stunned

Vettori seemed to be in disbelief at Costa’s attitude towards the situation. Vettori questioned the logistics of Costa’s weight cut saying, “How’s that possible that we’re supposed to fight at 185 and he comes in a week out over 215 pounds? How is that possible?”

Costa responded by saying, “When I come to fight I always come heavy… You have a problem with that?”

While Vettori claims he doesn’t have a problem with a weight change, he took issue with Costa’s lack of discipline.

“You know very well that I said that I can fight at any weight. Everybody goes through weight cuts. This is part of our job.”

Costa disagreed that there was an issue and said he would be happy to have a catchweight bout but declined to accept responsibility for the change.

Costa’s denial

“I always make my weight 185 and I have no problem with that but when people want to make a catchweight, I agree. I’m signed, I’m in.”

Vettori sought out an excuse as to why Costa was so heavy at this point but the Brazilian seemed to evade the question, continuing to repeat that he doesn’t care what weight they fight at but not adding more details.

The lack of an explanation seemed to frustrate Vettori as he said he would fight Costa at any weight but resented that he had worked hard to make weight while Costa didn’t.

“I’ve never cared but this is part of our job. I’ve been cutting weight, I’ve been on a diet for the last two months and a half. I came in at the right weight. If you would have told me ‘let’s make this a 195,’ we could have made it a 195. I’ve been on a diet, I’ve been sacrificing eating what I wanted for the last two months.”

Costa claimed that he had been in the same situation saying, “me too” but Vettori quickly jumped in to disagree.

“No you haven’t, you’re fat bro. I can see it on your face.”

The show must go on

While Costa continued to say that weight doesn’t matter to him, Vettori was sure to add that the fight would go ahead regardless, saying, “I won’t let you get out of this fight, I’ll fight you Saturday… that’s for sure.

“You’re going to give me a big part of your purse, that’s for sure.”

Okamoto then attempted to offer Costa another chance to explain why the weight change had to occur but Costa refused to accept responsibility, saying the UFC offered him the fight at catchweight.

Vettori, not satisfied with the response, asked what Costa’s weight was at the time. Costa just responded, “why do you want to know?”

The Italian laughed as Costa just continued saying he doesn’t care what weight they fight at.

“I don’t even know what to say,” Vettori responded while still laughing. Seemingly tired by the whole situation, Vettori said, “let’s leave it all behind, I don’t care… who cares?”

Vettori just quipped, “you’re lucky that you found a real fighter” and added that there would be no excuses made by him when the fight was over.

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