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Tony Ferguson reveals potential legal battle with ‘mentally weak’ Conor McGregor

McGregor Ferguson

“Even Dana said that they f**ked me over.”

Conor McGregor recently took to Twitter to criticise Tony Ferguson after ‘El Cucuy’ decided to push a harsh narrative of the likes of Dana White and his former management.

McGregor, who is involved with Paradigm Entertainment, responded to Ferguson’s comments by saying;

“Tony Ferguson, who changes representation around 4 times a year, is saying it’s someone else fault he is in the position he is in.

“How many bridges do you burn before you look yourself in the mirror and say ‘maybe it’s me that’s the issue.’ God bless you, pal, I’ll say a prayer.”

Ferguson however had a different view of the situation and claims he saw a sketchy side to the company.

“I’m going to be real, there were a lot of underscore things that were going on between the UFC and Paradigm,” said Ferguson on Submission Radio.

“They obviously had a lot of inside information that they were sharing. Even Dana said that they f**ked me over.

“We’re going to be going over some legal things which is kind of crazy, I can’t talk too much about it.”

Tony Ferguson discusses legal fears concerning Conor McGregor.

Ferguson’s legal concerns seem to centre around the fact that McGregor is either an acting agent or an owner of Paradigm Sports.

While McGregor is a business partner of Audie Attar in Eire Born Spirits, it is Auttar who is the owner of Paradigm.

Despite this, Ferguson seems to believe that McGregor’s involvement is greater than that of simply an athlete under them.

“There’s a Miller-Ayala act which says that an acting agent is not supposed to compete in the same sport as the person you’re representing.

“I would ask my manager all the time if he was an owner all the time and they kept straight-up lying to me every single time.

“They lied to me a lot. They tried to do everything else, I tried to tell the truth in my part”

Ferguson even went as far as to claim that McGregor’s involvement could mean that he doesn’t have the right to fight in the same sport as him.

“There’s a reason he didn’t fight for the belt and it’s probably because it would have been illegal because he wasn’t supposed to be in the same sport or weight class as me, so there’s a lot of things I reckon that go on and a lot of people that are going to be called into court. I’m going to be real.”

Regardless of how legal proceedings go, it’s clear that Ferguson isn’t a fan of McGeregor.

“A lot of things that he does is just to taunt people and it has to say something about his character. It’s just mentally weak.”

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