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Tony Ferguson’s frustrating decision baffles Gregor Gillespie

Ferguson Gillespie

A bout that makes a lot of sense…

Considering his recent run of form, Tony Ferguson shouldn’t be expecting a title fight or anything like it in the immediate future, so, with Gregor Gillespie looking for a fight with him, Ferguson’s decision to turn it down is all the more baffling.

A three-fight losing streak to the top fighters in the lightweight division is different to a losing streak like that of Cody Garbrandt, admittedly, but still shouldn’t tempt any top fighters looking for a title shot to want to fight Ferguson.

Ferguson will need to fight someone ranked below him, as those above him wouldn’t have much to gain from a Ferguson bout at the minute. Gillespie realises this and believes a fight with a higher-ranked fighter would also be beneficial for him.

All of this considered, Ferguson’s choice to turn down that fight doesn’t appear to make much sense.

“I got offered the Tony Ferguson fight, maybe sometime in July, said Gillespie to MMA fighting.

“I think it was four months before the [Madison Square Garden] card in November [at UFC 268]. They offered it to me and I accepted the next day, I think.

“I didn’t really hear back, and then I asked my manager and he said, ‘I’ll touch base with them again.’ I think, not verbatim, but the words were, ‘He’s not super interested.’ Like, what the f*ck does that mean? Like, make him interested.”

Gregor Gillespie

Gillespie hasn’t fought too much since his head kick loss to Kevin Holland in 2019 but considering it’s his only loss in his professional career and he’s back in the win column since then a win against Ferguson could be just what he needs to get back into the highly competitive division.


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“He’s coming off a couple losses. He probably looks at me like a tough fight on a guy that’s ranked below him, and I’m telling you, I don’t want to fight a guy ranked below me.

“So, I get it. But on the other side of the coin, you just said the truth. You don’t have many chips to bargain with right now, Tony.

“On top of that, what are we both going to do? The only two guys that are available to fight that are both in the top 10 are just going to sit there while the rest of the division just cycles through again?

“I just don’t get it. It’s super frustrating.”

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