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Tai Tuivasa wants to fight ‘d**khead’ Jon Jones

Tai Tuivasa Derrick Lewis Jon Jones

Tai Tuivasa believes Jon Jones is both the GOAT and a ‘d***head’.

Fan favourite Tai Tuivasa didn’t get as popular as he is without being able to fight and being as real as possible at any given time, so when it came to speaking about Jon Jones, he did exactly that.

“Jones is probably the best MMA fighter of all time,” said Tuivasa on The AllStar’s Fine Dining with Fighters.

“Doesn’t matter (if he’s at light heavyweight or heavyweight). He’s still a d***head.”

While it might be an unusual combination to heap that much praise with one hand and take it away with the other, Tuivasa remained as honest as possible when discussing Jones.

“He is what he is, I think he’s the greatest MMA fighter of all time but if you’re a f**king idiot, you’re a f**king idiot. Hitting your missus or whatever, blah, blah, blah. I don’t know the story.

“Everyone’s got their own things, if you’re an idiot, you’re an idiot. That’s it. But he still is who he is.”

“I’d fight him.”

He might be considered one of the best to ever step foot inside the octagon but Tuivasa does not fear Jones.

“If I ever got the opportunity, I’d fight him,” he continued. “I do this to say like, ‘One day, I’ll fight the champion.’ Well, f***, I fought him.

“Win or lose, maybe I might win, maybe I might lose, at least I can say I got to have a crack and some guys I’ve beaten, some guys I haven’t.”

Jones’s comeback fight has been a long time coming and with many other options, Tuivasa knows he might not be the one to get the big fight but if he can he’ll be happy to do so.

“That’s how I kind of live my life. If I ever had a chance, of course, I would.

“If it happens, it’s meant to happen. Like I’ve said, I think I’m gonna be around for a little bit. Obviously, he’s got a bit left in him.”

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