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Sinead Kavanagh on Cris Cyborg’s bizzare mind games

Kavanagh cyborg's mind games

Cris Cyborg’s mind games surprise Sinead Kavanagh

Sinead Kavanagh is eager to get into the octagon with Cris Cyborg after the Brazilian pulled some unusual mind games on her.

Kavanagh and Cyborg are set to clash on Friday, but the fight’s run-up has been a strange one for the Irishwoman. Kavanagh spoke of Cyborg’s unusual tactics in a press conference where she said, “She’s over here playing mind games… You won’t even believe what they’re up to.

“They’re tagging me in that suplex, we’re out running, she’s in her sweat gear. It’s two o’clock in the afternoon, blistering heat and they’re out running. Me and my missus pass and video camera-ing it and stuff like that.”

The most unusual tactic Cyborg seems to be using is placing Squid Games cards, with her face on them, in places that Kavanagh will find them.

“She has these cards, these squid games cards with her face on it and she’s leaving them everywhere I go. Leaving them in my corner, leaving them on my floor.

“She’s trying to break me but she can’t like. That’s what she does to her opponents.”

Fuel to the fire

Kavanagh claims that she won’t be intimidated by her opponent and said that these tactics would only serve to fire her up.

“It’s for fuel it is. Leslie Smith was the same. Sitting beside me, laughing at me and doing all these horrible things. It’s fuel for me.

“I put in my best performance against Leslie Smith so I’m just wondering what I’m going to do to her on Friday night to be honest.”

After the mind games, Kavanagh is convinced that Cyborg is scared to fight her. Kavanagh also spoke ill of Cyborg’s team, claiming they use Cyborg.

“She didn’t want this fight, she’s doing everything not to have this fight. Saying I wasn’t good enough, calling out other people, blocking me off social media, blocking anyone that mentioned my name off social media, she blocked John.

“It’s crazy what’s going on, it’s crazy what she’s doing.

“It’s only weakness on her part, that’s all I see. There’s people around her living off her. That’s why they’re around her. I can’t wait to hit her.”

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