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Sinead Kavanagh went for drinks with Cris Cyborg after their fight despite broken eye socket

Kavanagh Cyborg 2

Sinead Kavanagh details her last fight against Cris Cyborg

Sinead Kavanagh’s last outing in Bellator against Cris Cyborg seems quite recent, so, for her to be making a comeback so soon after the damage she took is impressive.

Kavanagh does seem eager to get back in the octagon with Cris Cyborg but admits her problem when they fought had actually been rushing the pace and underestimating Cyborg.

“In the fight itself, I am kicking myself a little bit over what I did wrong,” said Kavanagh while speaking to Sherdog.

“I rushed it too much. Who puts baby in the corner?

“I just went for it and I got too close and the damage was done. I took positives out of that fight. I turned her, she didn’t get me down, I rocked her.”

Overall, Kavanagh is proud of her performance, believing she showed more heart than most who fight Cyborg.

“I gave it my all, that’s what I did. I didn’t back away, I didn’t do that the rest of them did. I went in to win.”

A rematch

Kavanagh is definitely eager to redeem herself and thinks she knows where she went wrong last time.

“That’s what I want. I want to fix that mistake because I know what I’ve done wrong. win this fight and that’s where I want to go.

“If I have to have another fight before that, so be it but the goal is to get to Cyborg again and to do it properly this time.”

While Kavanagh wasn’t intimidated by Cyborg’s mind games, she was outperformed on the night and took some serious damage.

“She is intimidating but that didn’t get to me. I went out to win and gave it my all and it was explosive.

“It was a minute and a half but look, she broke my eye socket… I went down for a reason.”

After the fight

While most would suggest going to the hospital after an MMA event with that conclusion, SBG coach, John Kavanagh’s advice to do so didn’t seem to work as other plans got in the way.

“After the fight, I blew my nose and my eye blew up so John was like, ‘You need to go to the hospital’ and I was like, Cyborg’s just after texting me… I’ll go in the morning.

“So, after, I had a few beers with her and then I went to the hospital in the morning. It wasn’t even sore. It was just that I had a broken eye socket and I was like, ‘OK.'”

Luckily for Kavanagh, she didn’t need surgery and was able for the quick turnaround to agree to fight at Bellator 275 in Dublin.

“I didn’t need surgery, I was lucky. It healed pretty quick and I was given like, six weeks to heal.”

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