“It’s not her style, it’s just she’s big and heavy” – Shevchenko on Nunes

Valentina Shevchenko spoke about her Nunes fight and how she would prepare for another one on The Joe Rogan Experience.

Joe Rogan was curious to know if Valentina Shevchenko thought Amanda Nunes was her toughest opposition but the answer wasn’t that simple for Shevchenko.

“I never considered difficulty of the fight. Only for this fight. For me, difficulty of fight can be training camp, your approach to the fight, fight week and the fight itself.

“I still cannot answer this question, it’s the hardest question and every time people ask me what was your hardest fight, what’s your hardest opponent and I just can’t answer because its so different. Each fights a different approach, different training camp. Everyone’s difficult. Difficult with their own style.”

Stylistic matchup

Rogan then followed up by asking what the difficulties were with Nunes’ style but Schevhenko didn’t think her technique was the issue.

“It’s not her style, it’s just she’s big and heavy. Everyone has power.

“If you’re speaking about 135 weight class everyone has a lot of power but Amanda I think is just bigger than everyone.”

Shevchenko also wasn’t a fan of trying to put on muscle before a fight when trying to move up a weight class. She didn’t believe it could really help performance.

“I don’t believe it’s going to help.

“I believe it’s going to be worse for the fighter because if for your whole life you had a certain body type, you know how to carry a certain amount of muscles and then suddenly for the last two or three months you start to carry way more. What’s going to happen? You’re going to be slower.”

The idea of adding muscle to compete with Nunes again didn’t appeal to ‘the bullet.’ Shevchenko preferred the idea of doing everything the same but removing the usual weight cut if she were to move up.

“Someone naturally bigger, every time, will have this advantage. Being bigger.

“No matter how much more weight you’re going to put on top, you’re still the same, just the extra weight on you.”

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