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“A country mile second best” – John Fury ranks Deontay Wilder

John Fury ranks Deontay Wilder as the second-best fighter in the division, claiming that he would knock anyone else out.

Despite being disappointed at the lack of respect shown by Deontay Wilder, John Fury respected the warrior within him, ranking him as the second greatest fighter in the division behind his son Tyson.

“A country mile second best of all the others. He knocks all of us out cold. He knocks Usyk out, he knocks AJ out and they haven’t got the will and desire Tyson does to overcome him.

“If Deontay Wilder would have boxed any other heavyweight on the planet on Saturday night, he’d have got the victory. He’d have got the victory without a shadow of a doubt. Usyk, Fury, them all.”

What makes Tyson the number one

While Wilder packs an insane amount of power, John Fury believes that his son is the only man who can beat him and in the only man willing to go out on his sword to do so.

“Tyson, he’s come up against a special human being. One that’s got an incredible engine. He can do the 12 rounds not fit and this man will not go away. He’s on you, all night long because he wants a win, he wants a win.

“He’s got an undying belief in his self. He said to me himself as a boy, ‘Dad, I’m willing to die that way. I will die trying.’ He’d rather be dead than beat in that ring and that’s his motto.”

fury wilder

Fury proud of his son’s dedication.

When asked if that scared him, Fury responded that it does and that the reason it does is that he genuinely believes it.

“It does because I know and everybody else knows he’ll go all the way with it. It’s been proven. When he got up in the fourth round he was all over the place. He never had much in him but he dug and dug and found something else.

“He bit down on his gumshield and said right, I said I was going to die well I’ll tell you what, I’m going to die trying.”

While that scared Fury, it also filled him with a sense of pride in the dedication of his son.

“He’s actually practised what he’s been preaching to me his whole life and I’m so proud of him.”

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