Sean O’Malley slams Francis Ngannou for going against Dana White

Sean O'Malley Francis Ngannou Dana White

Sean O’Malley thinks Francis Ngannou may have been making the wrong decisions when speaking publicly about the UFC.

Dana White has since laid the rumours about his absence from the UFC 270 main event to rest but Sean O’Malley said that he wouldn’t have blamed White had they been true.

O’Malley thought that since Ngannou had been putting the UFC on blast so much, White’s reaction would have been an understandable one had it been the case.

“I’m not sure if we talked too much about Dana not putting the belt around Francis,” said O’Malley on his YouTube channel.

“I think, dude, if you’re going to go out there and just talk shit about the boss and the company, you can’t just expect no backlash. Right?”

The Boss

Considering White’s position, O’Malley explained why going against him was a mistake.

“It makes sense that, Dana is running a business, and his heavyweight champion, the one who is the main fucking champ, the baddest dude on planet earth, is just every interview he gets, talking sh*t.”

While O’Malley doesn’t necessarily blame Ngannou for his stance in the matter, he does think it’s something you can’t target as much in the organisation you work for.

“I don’t want to say talking shit in a bad way. I guess he is just talking facts. But it is talking shit, and you can’t do that to the UFC.

“You can’t do that to Dana, you can’t do that to your boss. You can, but now Ngannou is not in a great position.”

While Ngannou might actually be in a better position financially, once his UFC contract is finished, O’Malley still believes the doors have been shut on a future between the UFC and Ngannou.

“Imagine he’s the heavyweight champion of the world, him and Dana have a great relationship. I bet there’s leeway there to make some negotiations, but now it’s not happening.”

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