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Sean O’Malley’s ‘gut feeling’ has Jorge Masvidal beating Colby Covington

Sean O'Malley Colby Covington Jorge Masvidal

Sean O’Malley thinks Jorge Masvidal could beat Colby Covington at UFC 272.

With Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington looking to be one of the biggest non-title fights the UFC has planned for this year, Sean O’Malley was sure to give his take on it on his own podcast.

With the wrestling advantage going to Covington in this bout, O’Mally defended Masvidal by pointing out how he hasn’t suffered much in his career by being outwrestled.

Masvidal Covington

“Jorge has never really been taken down and just beaten up for 25 minutes, ever in his career.

“If anyone was going to do it, you think it would have been Usman. Usman didn’t go out there, take him down and maul him.”

Granted, Usman did decisively defeat Masvidal with his striking and while O’Malley realised this, he didn’t take it as a sign that Covington wouldn’t have issues in this department.

“He did knock him out but I don’t know.”

The fight

O’Malley is definitely excited at the prospect of the fight and even seems to be going against the common standpoint, that Covington will win.

“That’s a sick fight. I just get a gut feeling right now that Masvidal could definitely piece up Colby if he shuts down the striking or shuts down the takedowns.”

One major factor that tends to bode in Covington’s favour is that Usman has been the only one able to defeat him since 2015 and Covington has done better than most against him, including Masvidal.

Sean O'Malley Daniel Cormier

Masvidal’s record certainly doesn’t inspire as much hope when compared with Covington’s but with his last two losses also coming against Usman, the two seem to be best suited to fight each other.

Considering the background, the trash-talk, the stylistic matchup and the ranking of the fighters, O’Malley expects a lot from this fight.

“Colby brings an insane pace but Masvidal, that’s going to be such a sick fight.

“This is the fight I’m most hyped about out of all the big ones.”

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