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Sean Brady discusses awkward post-fight interview with Daniel Cormier

Sean Brady Daniel Cormier

Sean Brady recaps horrible interview

Daniel Cormier had a rather unfortunate interview with Sean Brady after Brady defeated Michael Chiesa at UFC Vegas 43. Despite starting off well and even playing down the awkwardness quite well, Cormier forgot Brady’s name and kept pushing for a call-out.

The callout.

Brady claims he isn’t the kind of fighter to throw out a random name for a callout if he doesn’t mean it so when Cormier kept pushing for it, he had to repeat that he just wanted a top-ranked guy.

“I don’t know what he wanted me to say. I’m not that guy. I’m not going to say something I don’t want to say. I think a main event would be nice against another top ten or top-five guy.

“You know the rankings come out tomorrow, I’ll see where I land. Even if I don’t get that, just another big name on a big card would be cool. I did say a name, I said the winner of Belal or Wonderboy in my post-fight interview. I couldn’t think of it at the time, you just get done fist fighting.”

Brady isn’t a fan of the post-fight callout culture as he feels it’s not something a fighter should think about before a fight and is also a situation where they don’t have enough time to think afterwards.

“People always say, ‘What are you going to say afterwards?’ I have to go fight, I have to win a fight. I’m not worried about any of that other stuff.

“People who usually worry about what they’re going to say afterwards, usually aren’t even going to get to that point I had one job and that was to win the fight. I wasn’t worried about what I was going to say afterwards.”

The name.

Ariel Helwani suggested that it may have been someone in Cormier’s ear that was pushing for the callout and that may even be the reason he forgot Brady’s name.

“I thought he was asking my coach Daniel Gracie behind me what name I wanted and Daniel didn’t know what he was saying either and then it got clarified by my other coach Jonathan Webb.

“He was like, ‘No, he forgot your name, he was asking Daniel what your name was.’ He had just said my name four times.”

Luckily, the two seem to have patched up their differences with the help of a simple follow on Instagram.

Then he was walking out and I said ‘D.C, you forgot my name?’ He followed me back on Instagram and he made it right. I got the follow back, we’re good.”

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