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Robert Whittaker admits he’s come to respect Israel Adesanya

Robert Whittaker Israel Adesanya

Robbert Whittaker believes he’s lost his hate for Israel Adesanya

Robert Whittaker claims that his hatred for Israel Adesanya has not served him well. and has decided to let the resentment go.

“I got in my own head so much and I had so much grudge towards him and gripe that I wore myself out,” said Whittaker to Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour

“I had so much anger and hate that I wore myself out.

“It got tiring being angry at him and for no real reason, it’s not like he came to my house and stole my TV.”

Letting go of his resentment towards Adesanya felt like the healthy thing for Whittaker to do and after doing so, he even felt a level of respect for his rival.

“I got over it and honestly, once I let that go, I started seeing him like everyone else. I don’t hate the guy anymore. If anything, I respect his skillsets.”

Respecting his opponent

Not only does Whittaker now respect Adesanya’s skill set, he also respects Adesanya for being himself.

“Whilst I think his behaviour is a little, ‘hoy ya going’ sometimes, he’s staying true to it, he’s still doing it. He’s just him.

“I guess that’s the long answer but I don’t hate the guy.”

robert whittaker

With his loss to Adesanya weighing heavily on him, Whittaker thought hard about the situation and believes it was his own thought process that brought him to where he is today.

“That’s the process, after the first loss I had a big chunk of soul searching and trying to understand myself in my own headspace and that kind of set the foundation up for everything else that I can do.

“I get in my own head a lot and try to dissect things to make my life easier.”

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